Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Lilia Haute Couture is a unique bridal boutique offering wedding and evening dresses creation by measurements.

Lilia has more than 30 years of experience designing and producing wedding dresses by measurements. When wearing a dress made by Lilia Haute Couture, you are not only wearing a dress perfectly tailored to every inch of your silhouette but also a unique design creation. Every client is a master of their dream dress, having the complete control of every single detail of the design of the dress and choice of materials.

Lilia Haute Couture is one of the very few boutiques in Canada that have a true haute couture atelier. This means that while the dress is in the confection process, the client can come and try it on at any stage and make any changes they desire while also getting the dress to fit perfectly and avoid any alterations.

The materials offered by Lilia Haute Couture are imported French laces and silk fabrics that will surely stand out from a mass produced, store-bought wedding dress.

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